Seller Homework

Seller's Checklist

In an effort to respect your time and help our next meeting be as effective as possible, please take a few moments to review and complete this checklist.
Have the following items ready:
  • One copy of your key 
  • Alarm instruction, if applicable
  • Balance owed on Mortgage(s) & Loan Number(s)
  • Balance owed on Equity Line of Credit & Account Number
  • Prior Title Insurance Policy
  • Permit information, if applicable
  • Receipts and Warranties for any contractor work performed on the property, if applicable
  • Copy of your Survey, if available
  • Copy of your Floor Plan, if available
  • Association Documents, if applicable
  • Condo Documents, if applicable
  • Trust/Power of Attorney Documents, if applicable

Excitement List!

Please tell us what makes your home special to you!
The following questions will help us design the most powerful marketing campaign for your home. 
What is your favorite feature in your home?
What are some other special features you believe should be pointed out to a buyer?
What is the best thing about the location of your home?
Tell us about any upgrades or updates you have done to your home.
Tell us about the top 5 Neighborhood Hot Spots (i.e. coffee shops, parks, shopping, etc.).

Note: You will receive an email reply if the form went through. If you receive an email about creating a login and password, please ignore.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this information! 
We are embarking on a special partnership to get your home sold.  We promise to use what we know about marketing and home sales to help you get your home sold in the shortest period of time, with the least hassle and for the most money.