Selling Process

Selling Process

Step 1 - Consultation with a Realtor to Analyze Your Needs

            Identify your Reasons for selling
            Determine when is right time to sell

Step 2 - Pricing Strategy
         Determine the Best Selling Price using Sold Comparables and other Data 
         Work through a Net Proceeds:
            include Mortgage, 2nd Mortgage, Tax Prorations, State Transfer Fee, Title Policy, Gap
            Insurance, City Letters…)

Step 3 - Prepare your Home for Sale

            Determine Repairs and Improvements needed 
            Stage Your hom

Step 4 - Marketing Strategy

            Develop a Marketing Plan
            Establish a Marketing Timetable

Step 5 - Showings
            Be Prepared to show your home on short notice         
            Assess showing feedback

Step 6 - Understand the Offer

            Evaluate the Offer and Negotiate with the Buyer
            Consider all Terms, Conditions and Contingencies

Step 7 - Follow through on the Offer's Terms
            Create a list of Contingencies and Deadlines
            Negotiate Amendments
            Complete all Repairs

Step 8 - Preclosing Preparation
            Coordinate all Document Preparation including Title Policy
            Collect Lien Wavers  
            Transfer Utilities
            Review the HUD Statement & Closing Documents