Monica's Testimonials


Monica Foster was extremely instrumental in our finding the perfect home for a close relative. She listened to what our needs were, searched diligently through available properties in a very hot market, and spent an incredible amount of time taking us to available properties in our area. Her professionalism was very apparent in her ability to help us determine the best area and best price in purchasing this home. An especially critical task that she helped us with was in finding a home inspector to help us uncover any major defects that needed to be corrected before our purchase.

Even after our buying this home, Monica continued to help us as we readied the property for occupancy, even suggesting tradesmen to help us in cleaning, flooring, painting, and the myriad of other tasks necessary to get ready to move in. She has continued to stay in touch in inquiring changes we have made to the home and helping with decorating ideas.

Monica is an excellent agent that can be trusted in helping make such a critically important decision (both financially and emotionally) of buying a home. We highly recommend her as someone whose tenacity, excellent knowledge of the market, integrity, attention to detail, and engaging personality makes her the perfect real estate agent whether someone is a first time buyer or, like us, experienced buyers purchasing a second property. We know that throughout the whole process she had our best interests at heart. We could not have asked for more!

K. Olsen